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Digitisation of receipts and billing

Úvod Inspire yourself Social services The Charity of the Czech Republic already handles receipts and billing completely digitally

The Charity of the Czech Republic already handles receipts and billing completely digitally

Take a look at a customer story from Charita ČR, who handled both the assignment and the billing.

About the company

The oldest charitable organization with a national structure in the Czech Republic, we are also the largest non-governmental provider of social and health services. Our network consists of more than 320 Charities of various sizes.


Vladislavova 12
110 00 Prague 1

Company size

78 employees


Social services

The main difficulties


Main benefits

Employees help all over the Czech Republic and abroad

Since Charity CR employees provide services throughout the Czech Republic and abroad, they dealt with a number of travel expenses. There was a lot of administration and time involved. They were looking for an efficient tool to process business travel and billing.

According to Jitka Jandáková, head of the economic and administrative department, the worst was the inefficiency of work. The main reason was that it took a lot of time for employees who went on business trips to fill in the excel file for the trip, the application and the billing. Because they weren’t using up-to-date forms, they weren’t delivering receipts, they were delivering everything late. And this then bothered or complicated the work of Jitka’s colleagues in the economic department, who had to check everything, return it for completion and wait for it.

What bothered me there, in short, was the inefficiency of the work. When you're working with grants and projects, all the processes that hold up billing are complicated.

Connection to the attendance system

The Charity of the Czech Republic introduced an attendance system and was looking for a system that would be compatible with it. They went through a selection process, looked at about three systems and decided on Fidoo.

They have been using it since 2O21, when they first started piloting it on a few employees. They introduced 1-2 team cards, tried it all and gradually added almost all users.

Process dynamics and connection to accounting software

According to Jitka, all the agenda related to business trips and their accounting is now dynamic and paperless. Employees have time to do their work instead of doing paperwork and filling out forms.

It was a big change, but since it was demanded from below, convincing employees to learn the new system was not that difficult. They themselves perceived that the existing system did not suit them.

The Charity of the Czech Republic, however, has taken the use of Fidoo one step further and instead of exporting data as part of the billing and then uploading it to their accounting system, Fidoo now works directly with the accounting software via API.

Fidoo to the whole network of charities

This positive experience has been transferred within the network between archdiocesan and diocesan charities. Fidoo assists employees not only in processing the application but also in archiving receipts.

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