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Digitisation of receipts and billing

Úvod Inspire yourself Industry DEZA has streamlined the processing of its cessions

DEZA has streamlined the processing of its cessions

Take a look at this customer story from DEZA and find out how you can also deal with cessions.

About the company

DEZA is a manufacturer of basic organic substances for further chemical use. With an annual processing capacity of 450,000 tonnes of coal tar and 160,000 tonnes of crude benzene, it is one of the world’s leading companies in the industry.


Masarykova 753

757 01 Valašské Meziříčí – Krásno nad Bečvou

Company size

1000-1200 employees


Chemical industry

The main difficulties


Main benefits

One road, many papers

DEZA is a processor of coal tar and crude benzene, two by-products of coking plants. The company employs over 1,000 workers, including those who travel for work many times and who have often been inconvenienced by paper red tape. From the paper application form to the final settlement of the business trip.

"Everything meant the circulation of many documents. There were also a lot of errors in the calculation of travel allowances, and the whole process was complicated and involved a lot of people."

Honours and expenses

Nearly 200 employees travel for work each year, each working in a different part of the site. The mere transfer of such papers is a burden for the company. Mr Hruška himself admits that he does not like papers and the activities associated with them, such as archiving such documents. Often it happened that the receipt had to be filled in additionally and of course there were problems in assigning individual expenses to the given trips. The approval process itself was a struggle with time, because going on the road without an approved transfer certificate is a problem from a legal point of view. And the paper form is not flexible enough, because someone had to bring it in, get it approved, and a lot of time was wasted. Today, employees can conveniently apply for travel approval remotely.

Fidoo from cards to teller machines

“We started with Fidoo a long time ago when it still only provided credit cards, which were significantly cheaper for us than those from the bank.” Mr. Hruska confided. Over time, the company began to use the new features that Fidoo gradually released.

How does the company work today?

Today, it is very easy for employees to request approval for a business trip from home, and it is just as convenient for supervisors to approve the trip. With just a mobile phone and in seconds. At the same time, it is a big plus that when any expense is incurred on the road, it is immediately displayed in the app and does not need to be documented in the receipt. This way, the honours are created much faster and there are not the months-long delays that DEZA had in the past. It is also a great help for accountants, who are relieved of the work of completing expenses and lengthy checks, making the processing much faster and more pleasant.

"... I have been trying to push this solution for a long time and I am glad that we have all the overview and data in one place."

Accountants and trust to Fidoo

Accountants like paper and have not been very positive about the move to digitising employee expenses. At the same time, they like to triple check everything, and it took quite a long time to develop trust in Fidoo that its system gives reliable numbers and can be trusted. After a while, however, they found considerable benefit in it.

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