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Úvod Expense Management Prepaid corporate cards

Prepaid corporate cards

A solution you don’t have to go to the bank for. You can have personal, team or project cards with us. Whatever.
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Prepaid corporate cards are a transparent solution for companies that want to keep track of their employees’ expenses. Thanks to the individual settings, you will have room for control and billing yourself and it won’t cost you as much effort.

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Prepaid corporate


Create a card according to
your needs




Prepaid corporate cards

Anyone who needs to pay for something in the company can have a prepaid corporate card. The funds are separated from your company bank account, so you don’t risk anything.


Create a card to suit your needs

Each card can be issued in the name of an employee, but also in the name of an entire team, department or even the license plate of your company vehicle.


Individual settings

You can set up the card completely according to your needs. Do you want someone’s card to be topped up automatically and someone else’s not? Do you need to ban someone from making ATM withdrawals? None of this is a problem.

What else our cards can do

Recharging can be done manually
or automatically

Transaction notification settings

Lock or block directly from the mobile app

Setting a recharge at a specific time

Unlock or PIN directly in the app

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