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Úvod Expense Management Cash wallets

Cash records without problems

All cash transactions are clearly listed in the app. Every movement is immediately recorded and ready for billing.

Chropyňská Strojírna

Keep your cash till to a minimum and record your cash expenses in the Expense Management app. It will provide you with a transparent and clear record of all movements related to your expenses and those of your employees.

What do you appreciate the most?


Wallet for
every currency


Overview of cash among employees


Automatically based


A wallet for every currency

Just like in your wallet, you can easily have separate cash wallets in Expense Management. Whether it’s dollars, euros or Egyptian pounds.


Overview of cash among employees

Your accountant can easily see how much cash is distributed to individual employees throughout the company.


Automatically created wallet

When you use our card to withdraw cash from an ATM, a cash wallet is automatically created in that currency.

What else our wallets can do

Transaction history of cash payments

Distribution of corporate
and private expenditure

Settlement of cash difference in payroll and invoicing

ATM withdrawal record

Attaching a cash document

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