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Úvod Expense Management Accounting of expenses and reimbursements

Real-time control and settlement of expenses

You can track your expenses in Fidoo at any time. The company’s expenses are written immediately, so nothing surprises you at the end of the month.

Chropyňská Strojírna

In Fidoo, all your company expenses are in one place, easy to check and approve at any time during the month. You can set the parameters you need to monitor and at the end of the month, you can easily calculate everything.

What do you appreciate the most?


All data from colleagues
in one place


Closed month on time
and cool


Supporting documents for payroll
in record time


All data from colleagues in one place

Your accountant receives all information from colleagues in one way and completely automatically. It chooses which items to close, which to return for correction or which to carry forward to the next period.


Closed month on time and cool

You can close all employee expense accounts much faster, because expenses and receipts come to you on a continuous basis.


Payroll documents in record time

You can see all the balances of all employees in your personal accounts, which you can export immediately and have the basis for your payroll immediately available.

What else our expense accounts can do

Setting the billing frequency

Accounting categories and cost centres

Simple exports to accounting systems

Personal and project billing

KB card billing

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