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Úvod Expense Management Why to start automating

Why start automating employee expenses

Streamline the management of your employee expenses in the company and save a lot of time, work and nerves.

We need to pay

Employes will always need to pay for company expenses – business trips, accommodation, refueling etc.

We have to document

The state will always require documentary evidence of company expenditures in due form.

We want business

But companies want to do their business and not spend time endlessly looking for receipts
and settlement


That’s why it makes sense to automate and simplify the whole process so that everything works on its own.
Simplification – everything is basically working on it‘s own.

That's exactly why there's Expense Management

We provide a solution that automates the proces when a company needs to distribute money to employees so that they can pay with it. They then simply digitally document their receipts so that everything can be easily accounted for.

Each company addresses this process

Money distribution


Information submition

Approval process

Data collection for settlement of expenses

Company reconsiliation

Get to know the whole process in detail. You’ll be surprised at where you can automate and the impact it will have on your business.

We have prepared a free e-book for you to download.

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The key to automating employee expenses

Start automating today!

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