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Complete replacement of paper processes

Úvod Inspire yourself Industry Wienerberger has reduced the workload of its accounting department

Wienerberger has reduced the workload of its accounting department

Take a look at a customer story from Wienerberger, which has made a significant difference to its accounts department.

About the company

The Wienerberger Group is part of the multinational Wienerberger Ziegelindustrie AG, which is the world’s largest brick manufacturer and the leader in the production of baked roofing in Europe. The Group operates in more than 26 countries worldwide, including. in the UK, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Belgium, France, Slovenia, Croatia, the Netherlands and Italy. In 1999, the company entered the US market with its brick products.


Plachého 388/28

370 01 České Budějovice

Company size

1500+ employees



The main difficulties


Main benefits

Many people, many papers

Wienerberger is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of masonry materials – mainly burnt bricks and tiles. As a large company, they have over 1500 employees and with that came a very demanding administration around processing employee expenses.

"I was bothered by the inflexibility, papers were constantly being sent somewhere, something was always being copied, something had to be stored somewhere. There are a lot of employees and therefore we have a lot of these materials and things. I think the whole paper agenda is ossified - and it doesn't belong in the 21st century. Centuries."

Fidoo from cards to teller machines

“I joined the company at a time when we were already using the Fidoo system a bit, primarily to manage company expenses. Only managers had Fidoo cards as such,…” Mr. Hule confided. Over time, the company started to use all the features that Fidoo offers.

How does the company work today?

The vast majority of expenses and travel orders are now processed only electronically. Basically, no more paperwork needs to circulate through the company. As a result, expenditure has also fallen, e.g. to send the papers. Another advantage is the actual digitisation of the materials and the entire agenda.

"...if a colleague wants to have a home office, she doesn't need to have access to the papers she used to have to keep in her office. This way everything can be done comfortably from home."

Accountants and trust to Fidoo

In the long term, Mr. Hule said, the feedback from staff and accounting colleagues has been overwhelmingly positive. Understandably, there were some “birth pangs” in implementing the overall system, as many people generally perceive change as something that is not quite ideal, but even this has been overcome fairly well.

"I certainly haven't encountered any negative reactions recently."

What is the biggest benefit for Wienerberger?

“Primarily cost savings, I guess. Then, of course, the speed of processing and the overall automation as such is a big bonus,” says Mr Hule. Today, Wienerberger already has automatic data transfer between Fidoo and SAP, which allows, for example, a document that in some cases has several thousand lines to be conveniently transferred to the system in one operation and does not have to be entered manually as in the past.

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