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Complete control over the company’s financial management

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Plaček switches to digitalisation of the company's financial management

Check out a customer story from Placek Pet Products, a company that has completely changed the way they manage employee expenses.

About the company

Plaček operates Super Zoo stores in 4 European countries. In addition, it also has a wholesale business and operates e-commers. Their shop sells pet food and pet supplies.


Revoluční 1381/III

290 01 Poděbrady

Company size

2000 employees


Breeding supplies

The main difficulties


Main benefits

A large company was looking for a solution for traders

Plaček is the company behind the Super Zoo stores, which sell pet food and pet supplies. They are spread all over the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Latvia and there are about 300 of them.

Their salesmen often travel all over the country and controlling their expenses and receipts was very difficult. Mainly because of the non-unified system.

"I was particularly annoyed by the unproductivity and inefficiency of the whole process. In addition, I was also specifically concerned about the relative lack of control because everything was in paper, it wasn't in a unified system. So the control was harder and harder to trace."

Control and archiving

According to Karel Čermák, CFO of the Plaček Group, the biggest problem was the handling of receipts. Their distribution from traders to accountants was complicated, but so was their archiving. So receipts had to be imported, scanned, photographed and printed. The accountants had to find a place to store them, and the system was not uniform and the control could not be of sufficient quality. All of this has led to great inefficiency in the process.

The arrival of Fidoo to the company

As Karel Čermák told us, Fidoo was introduced to the company by his predecessor. In the beginning, the main focus was on the use of payment cards and digital distribution of receipts to the accounting office. All of this led to a more efficient workflow, and so, of course, the complete digitisation of the receipt archive was advanced.

How does the company work today?

Today, Fidoo is used to the maximum in Plaček. The cards also included a solution for corporate assignments, with which there was also a big problem. Employees had to fill out paper forms, calculate their per diems, enter everything into spreadsheets and have it checked. Today, they fill out a receipt in Fidoo and the app calculates everything for them. In addition, the approval is done electronically in the workflow and thus there are no unnecessary time delays. So everything is digitized.

"It's hours of time on both the user side and the back-office side."

Future and cooperation with Fidoo

“Just as the Fidoo system is evolving, we are evolving with them and we are slowly coming to digitalize the company’s financial management,” says Karel Čermák. According to him, he would also like to see options in the form of prepaid cards, business intelligence analysis or a logbook. Given the company’s European reach, he would also like to expand Fidoo to other countries.

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