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Cash distribution on the move

Úvod Inspire yourself Logistics DOSI Transport has solved cash distribution to drivers on the road

DOSI Transport has solved the distribution of drivers' cash on the road

Check out a customer story from DOSI Transport to see how they’re tackling money for drivers.

About the company

Since 2007, the main specialization of the company has been the transport of full and partial loads from the Czech and Slovak Republics to Sweden and Norway. Then to Denmark from 2018, Finland from 2019 and Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia from 2020


Ostravská 506
735 81 Bohumín – Old Bohumín

Company size

60 employees



The main difficulties


Main benefits

Complicated issue of finance to drivers on the road

Logistics company DOSI Transport s.r.o. addressed how to deal with personal finances of drivers on the road. They approached their bank to set up 20 credit cards based on the number of employees at the time. However, this was not without complications.

The bank had a lot of problems with this and it was necessary to create a lot of personal accounts or company accounts and 5 cards for each of them, which was an unnecessary complication from the company’s point of view. This agenda is in charge of the company’s HR manager Aleš Raško, whose capacity was significantly reduced by the whole process.

It bothered me that I had to go to the bank with each driver and create their personal identity. In the beginning with 10 employees it was fine, but then as we grew to some 60 employees at the moment, the process became logistically impossible for me.

Not only the functionality of the solution, but also the integration of the system

As the solution through the bank was complicated for all parties, Mr Raška decided to look for other options. He searched through an internet search engine according to the requirements, not only on the basis of functionality in terms of distributing money to drivers, but also in terms of the possibility of integrating the system and its further use in the company.

So he came across Fidoo, approached the sales representative and they agreed on a course of action. Fidoo has been used historically for a long time, since the days when it was still operating under the name Expensa.

Automatic card reload and rule settings

Currently, the process is that when a new driver is hired at DOSI Transport, Mr. Raška creates a profile in Fidoo, orders a card and sets up an automatic top-up with a limit amount. In this case, it amounts to CZK 5,000, which is automatically topped up and made up if it falls below this amount; the monthly limit is then set at CZK 40,000.

These rules are anchored in an internal directive and are communicated to drivers in advance. If one of them needs more money, he asks the dispatcher, who then lets Mr. Rasek know and he recharges his card in a few clicks. This process has worked well at DOSI Transport and everyone is happy.

Elimination of cash

Mr Raška sees the long-term impact of Fidoo primarily in the elimination of cash, which does not have to be physically collected, handed over to drivers, and then somehow accounted for and distributed. One compliant card has simplified the allocation of funds to staff on the move.

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