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Minimise cash and paper

Úvod Inspire yourself Healthcare At Fresenius Kabi Horatev, they minimize cash and paper

In Fresenius Kabi Horatev they operate without cash

Check out a customer story from Fresenius Kabi Horatev, a company that got rid of cash.

About the company

A global healthcare company that specializes in the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceuticals and medical technology for infusion, transfusion and clinical nutrition. Our products and services are used to care for critically and chronically ill patients.


Horace 104
289 13 Horátev

Company size

500 employees



The main difficulties


Main benefits

Measures from the corporation: minimising cash

At Fresenius Kabi Horátev, they dealt with a corporate measure that required limiting cash in the cash register. Specific purposethe stakes were clear: transfer all financial transactions to cashless transactions.

The team of the CEO Iva Macková started looking for a solution that would meet these requirements.

Resolving the corporate request was not entirely easy because we have a designated bank in the Czech Republic that we use for other financial services, but it does not issue cards. So we had to find a partner here to help us with the situation.

Cashless payment and simplified services

The company has over 500 employees, of which 100 work in administration. Ivy’s team was looking for a solution for them, both for the aforementioned cashless payment and for the purpose of simplifying the agenda related to business trips, which were administratively and time-consuming.

The Fidoo application has been in use at Fresenius Kabi Horátev for more than 10 years, when it was still operating under the name Expensa. My colleague Ivy from the finance department did some research on the internet and came across the tool.

Automatic card reload and rule settings

Currently, almost all users have a card. Some cards are not permanently charged and the company sets maximum limits according to individual user requirements. They are mostly used by buyers. who have their cards permanently loaded.

As soon as they make a payment, everything appears directly in the app. Later on, they upload a specific receipt in PDF form. This way, the Ivy team can immediately see the status of each card and no one forgets anything.

In the case of business trips, it also saves a lot of paperwork, as requests for business trips are made directly in the app. Again, all expenses related to the business trip can be seen together, whether it be fuel, airfare, dinners, etc.

Elimination of paper documentation and error-free accounting processes.

The introduction of the Fidoo application has helped Kabi Horatev to save human resources in the financial accounting department. Employees appreciate the user-friendliness of the app and are happy to get rid of all the paper documentation.

Accounting in this mode can be easily subjected to financial audit. For Iva and her team, Fidoo is also a kind of control tool that guarantees error-free accounting processes.

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