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Managing changes in approval

Adjustment of approval at company level

  1. Section Settings Company Approval.
  2. Select the approval method, levels, and select an approver from the list of application users.
    Change of approval on the company
  3. Confirm with the Save settings button.
    If you want to set up consistent approvals for all users, teams, and projects at the company level, proceed as follows:
  4. Click Override all individual settings.
  5. Confirm with the Override all settings button.

Modifying team-level approvals

  1. Settings Teams – select the team you want to edit.
  2. Approval tab.

  1. Edit levels and approvers and Save settings.
    If a team member has individual user-level approvals set up, you need to override all of these settings to team-level approvals. After saving the settings, continue:
  2. Click the Override all individual settings box and confirm with the Override settings button.

Modification of project level approval

  1. Section Settings Projects – select the project you want to edit.
  2. Approvers tab.

  1. Edit levels and approvers and Save settings.

Approval Management FAQs

Setting approvers at the company level is used if you do not have an approver set on the project and/or if you have set “approvals are governed by company level settings” on the project.

Follow the instructions below to set up individual user approval.

  1. In Settings → People , click on the user for whom you want to set up approval.
  2. After selecting a user, the user detail with the Approvals tab appears on the right side of the screen.
  3. In this tab, you select the Individual Settings option and override it according to your requirements.
  4. Since the settings of the cards are based on the settings on the users, this change is immediately written into the personal card settings of the users.