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Frequently asked questions

Fidoo and Komerční banka FAQ

For the entire corporate expense portion of the bill, yes. Some functions in the Fidoo app, however, are not available for KB cards (e.g. balance display, card PIN, blocking option, etc.). You can manage and set up these actions in Komerční banka’s internet banking.

In the expense detail, you will see “Paid by external card” in the upper corner.

Yes, just go back to SettingsCompanyKomerční banka. On the Linked Accounts tab, you can disconnect the account.
If an expense has already been made with the KB card in Fidoo, the account cannot be disconnected.
You must either cancel the entire registration between KB and Fidoo or disconnect individual cards from Fidoo users.

You must first create a user. You can do this in Settings – People. Once you create a user, they will automatically appear in the list of users you can link your KB card to.

You don’t have to – that’s up to you. If you also need to use cards that can be used flexibly and securely to distribute funds around the company, then Fidoo cards are the right choice. If you prefer cards that have the entire company account with all funds at your disposal, then KB cards are a better choice. Both Fidoo and KB cards can be used to pay in shops.

If the connection between Fidoo and KB is not working and you are not seeing the expenses from your KB card payments loaded into Fidoo, there are basically three different reasons for this:

  1. Fidoo is not registered to access your KB account.
  2. You have no KB bank account connected to Fidoo.
  3. KB cards are not associated with Fidoo.

In theKB connection settings, red exclamation marks indicate which of these options is currently wrong and deserves your attention.

P.S. We remind you that to connect you must be a Fidoo user with the appropriate permissions, and you must have a bank account and access rights to it.

The account cannot be linked for the following possible reasons:

  • you have entered an incorrect account number or prefix,
  • you entered the wrong currency,
  • the account is not authorised in KB banking. To authorise, disconnect Fidoo from KB, re-register and set up the accounts you want to use in Fidoo in the first step.

So far, we have only established cooperation with Komerční banka and other banks cannot be connected in this comfortable way.

We currently synchronise data every 10 minutes and therefore delays may occur. We are working hard to reduce this time lag.

If you have a properly connected KB account to Fidoo, then in the settings(Settings -> Company -> Komerční banka) the tab “Linked accounts” is marked with a green iconwhere you see a number withof your KB account with the number of cards issued for this account. If is the number of cards is 0, it means that you have no card issued for your KB bank account and you need to apply for one at KB.

One bank account can be linked to multiple companies. But we don’t recommend it. If you are the main administrator for multiple companies in your group, it is important to be careful in which Fidoo account you set up the KB link. If you accidentally set up a link for another company, then you need to cancel the link. You will then switch to the correct Fidoo account where the KB account belongs and start the process again.

Contact your main administrator. Probably the binding between the KB card and the Fidoo user has been incorrectly set. Ask your main administrator to disconnect you as a user from a KB bank card that you do not own. Either ignore the expense created or send it for approval with a note that it is an expense that was mistakenly assigned to you.

No, such expenditure cannot be deleted. Consult with your accountant and, as advised by your accountant, either ignore the expense or send it for approval with a note that it is an unauthorized expense created by misuse of your credit card.

Such expenditure in Fidoo will remain and need to be to be approved and bill. They can also be exported. No further new expenditure will be incurred after the disconnection.

Yes, even after disconnecting the KB account, all previously incurred expenses remain in Fidoo and need to be approved and accounted for.

Yes, you can cancel and re-register, where you can select additional KB accounts or add a newly created KB account that was not available when you opened it.

Once a specific KB card is successfully linked to a designated Fidoo user, each payment made with that KB card will automatically generate an expense in Fidoo belonging to that user. In addition to the card payment expenses, Fidoo will start recording all ATM withdrawals and deposits associated with the respective KB card in the user’s wallet. Backloading of expenses before setup is not possible.

The KB payment card should be correctly assigned in Fidoo to the Fidoo user who is the actual owner of the KB card. This KB cardholder must also have a user account in Fidoo.

The connection between the KB card and the Fidoo user is set by the main administrator.

Yes, she should. However, we cannot check the correctness of this assignment in Fidoo. Therefore, your Fidoo master administrator needs to be really careful about the correct assignment.

All types of KB bank accounts can be linked to Fidoo.
When you register Fidoo with KB, you’ll see what all of your accounts can be connected to Fidoo. All accounts you want to connect to Fidoo must be marked in this step. (For simplicity, we recommend that you always mark all KB accounts offered here).

Any currency can be linked to Fidoo, depending on the KB account settings.

One company can be connected to one banking entity with which it works.

No, it’s not. You can connect an unlimited number of KB accounts within one company.

Yes, if you have granted Fidoo access to this additional account when you registered, you can simply connect the additional account under the “connected accounts” tab using the “Link additional account” button.
If you have not yet confirmed access to this additional account with the Fidoo application (e.g. it is a new account), you must first disconnect the entire connection to KB and go through the entire Fidoo registration to KB again.

Yes, if you have granted Fidoo access to this additional account when you registered, you can simply connect the additional account under the “connected accounts” tab using the “Link additional account” button.
If you have not yet confirmed access to this additional account with the Fidoo application (e.g. it is a new account), you must first disconnect the entire connection to KB and go through the entire Fidoo registration to KB again.

If you disconnect a card from a user in Fidoo, the card will stop flowing expenses to Fidoo when you make a payment.
Expenses created from payments made before disconnection are not lost, they remain with the user.
You can add unlimited KB cards to a single user in Fidoo.

Yes, newly created KB cards will automatically appear in the section Connecting with Komerční banka on the Cards tab. Here they will wait to be connected.
So if you make a new card in KB, have your main administrator also connect it to your user account in Fidoo. If you no longer use the original old card, leave it with your main user account. Disconnect again by the administrator.

Yes. KB cards unlimited, Fidoo cards maximum 5 per user.

No, you can only view your KB card, set up your KB card, and view transactions and statements in KB’s online banking service, My Bank.
Exclusively for the purpose of setting up the linking of KB cards to Fidoo users, the list of KB cards is available in the Linking with Komerční banka section on the Cards tab.

Financial Administrator, Chief Administrator, accountant and statutory officer. However, you need to have your KB login details.

To do this, you must be a financial administrator, chief administrator, accountant or statutory officer in Fidoo and have the authority to access your corporate account with KB using at least one of the possible authentication methods (e.g. using a KB key).

The most likely cause is that your KB card is not linked to your Fidoo account in your Fidoo settings. Contact your head of the company. administrator to fix the settings.

Cash withdrawals and deposits to and from the ATM are displayed in Fidoo in your wallet (Menu – Cash), which shows the current amount of company cash you have on you.

No, it doesn’t. The way you have been entering information about KB card transactions from your bank statement into your accounting system (whether you have been doing it manually, automatically, by import or otherwise) will continue unchanged. From Fidoo, you will receive an invoice or a commitment document for these transactions, which you can pair with the transactions (or bank documents) from KB.

If you do not see a specific account there, please contact our Customer Care Centre by email or by phone +420 290 290 290. The connection to the KB account will then be enabled through our colleagues and will be operational within a few days.

You have nothing to worry about. While we have access to data on the movements of the accounts you have consented to when you registered, and a list of the cards associated with it, our KB API connection does not allow any active operations on our part, we only have the ability to read. We do not obtain any sensitive data such as full card number, CVV, etc., nor are we technically able to access it.

After your consent, we will obtain the so-called. refresh token, a unique key that allows us to retrieve information about account movements and associate them with cards. The token is valid for one year, and you as a client can withdraw your consent at any time.

The card must first be activated before you can connect users to it in Fidoo.