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Linking to KB account

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Linking accounts

  1. Section SettingsCompanyKomerční banka – tab Linked accounts. The first time you register you will be directed directly to this section.
  2. Click Link another account.
  3. Enter your bank account details and select Link account.

  4. You will see a confirmation that the account has been successfully linked. To add another account, repeat the action.

Edit or disconnect your account

  1. Section SettingsCompany Komerční banka – tab Linked accounts.
  2. For the account you want to edit or disconnect, select Edit.
  3. Make your changes and Save, or select Disconnect Account and confirm again with the Disconnect Account button.

Fidoo Cards FAQ

If you wish to cancel the card you have just ordered, you can do so by blocking the card no later than 21:00 on the day you ordered it. This card will not go into production. Contact the Client Care Centre for a refund of the card production fee.

This is an auxiliary identifier that only appears in the application and the expense report. This element will not be embossed on the card and can be changed at any time. This is often the case, for example. employee number or vehicle registration number.

A card manager is a user who can pass a team card to another user in the application. At the same time, they can see in Team Finance → Cards → Transactions all the movements on the managed card and which person made the transaction. You can also lock or block the card at any time and set its parameters

The card approver approves or denies requests to load the card. The administrator can modify the card (change its settings, modify the automatic recharge scheme and limits). The cardholder is the only one who can physically handle the card – pay (even online) or view the PIN.

You cannot set a daily limit on the card within the app, it is determined by the amount loaded on the Fidoo card.

Top-up funds are on the card immediately after top-up (if you have sufficient funds in your Fidoo account). The withdrawal is made immediately back to your Fidoo account.