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Setting up cession keys

Setting the meal allowance

The meal allowance rates listed in the application are set according to the Labour Code. However, you can adjust them higher as follows:

  1. Section SettingsCredits MealsCreate new (top right).
    Meal allowance rates
  2. Write the name and select the validity, add the new domestic meal allowance rates.

    You can adjust the foreign meal allowance:
    a) Bulk – enter the percentage of the meal allowance and select Recalculate.
    b) Individually – in the search window, type the country for which you want to adjust the meal allowance and change the rate for the selected country.

  3. Save.

Setting your pocket money for a trip abroad

  1. Settings Honours Pocket Money – activate Pocket Money in the system (top right).
  2. Choose to calculate your pocket money before or after the reduction of foreign diets.
  3. Enter the percentage of your pocket money and select Recalculate.
  4. Save.