Save time with our API

Thanks to the our API, you can easily transfer your data to the Fidoo app, or download it directly from the app directly into the company system. Immediately and without further login.

You will check all card transactions

You have an overview of all users of the Fidoo app

You set the parameters and see the balances of the Fidoo cards

You add a new user and order new cards

You recharge and withdraw personal and team cards

You see all issued Fidoo cards

Connection to Fidoo using API

The Fidoo public API provides comprehensive information about the data that is contained in the Fidoo cloud app and can be distributed and exchanged with any system thanks to this API. The current version of the Fidoo API is located at and you will find everything we currently know.

  • Monitoring of card transactions
  • Application user reports
  • Overview of Fidoo cards
  • Orientation in parameters and balances on Fidoo cards
  • Creating a new user and ordering a personal Fidoo card
  • Load and unload personal and team cards

How to get access to the Public API and your data in Fidoo?

To access data via the public API, you need to obtain an API key. This can be generated by the main administrator in the Fidoo app.
You can find how to do this in the Fidoo API manual and its settings (CZ).

Individual Public API calls

Everything we know about Fidoo and what it looks like can be found directly at . Here you can simulate individual operations and also read all the necessary information.
Detailed API specifications can be found here: API Specifications | Fidoo (CZ).

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