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Fidoo API and its settings

The API is secured using a statically generated key that uses the permissions of the user whose Fidoo account it was generated under. Depending on the permission level of this user, the API key can be used for read-only or write/change data.

The ability to generate API keys is by default assigned to the user in the role of Main Administrator in Fidoo. If you want to grant this right to another user, you need to contact our Client Care Center and request activation of the key generation option.

  1. The main administrator or a user with granted rights can see the section Settings → Company → API key management, where he can generate one or more API keys.

    Fidoo API settings
    Fidoo API settings
  2. The API key must be inserted into the X-Api-Key header in the queries being called.

Test data

If you are interested in a test environment, please contact our Client Care Center( We will be happy to set up a Fidoo test environment that can communicate with the test API from the repository: