Technical requirements for the Fidoo application

Especially for security reasons, our applications work exclusively in the so-called online mode. This means that a basic condition for using the Fidoo application is a computer or mobile phone with Internet access. We support Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Internet Explorer 12 for our application. For each of them we always support the current version and one previous version of the main number series. Both our website and our Fidoo application work on these browsers.

In order to use the mobile application, the user must have a mobile phone with iOS or Android and an Internet connection. The mobile application which works on the Android systems have been on the Czech market since version 6.0. The iPhone is running mobile application version iOS 12.0. The mobile Fidoo application is not optimized for iPads or tablets. However, on tablet devices you can run the Fidoo application at as like on a normal desktop or laptop computer.