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Fidoo Code of Ethics

Ten ethical actions

  1. We comply with the company’s legal regulations and internal guidelines, respect ethical rules and respect core corporate values.
  2. We do not support or tolerate corruption, bribery, fraud or any other form of crime.
  3. We protect confidential information, personal information and company data, whether they concern the company itself, clients or business partners, and we maintain confidentiality, even after the termination of the employment relationship or our cooperation.
  4. We prevent conflicts of interest in any form.
  5. We follow the rules for preventing money laundering.
  6. We always deal professionally with clients and business partners and communicate fairly.
  7. We always provide clients, shareholders and supervisory authorities with complete, accurate and truthful information about the services we offer, and we act honestly and transparently.
  8. We avoid any false, disrespectful or similar statements about clients or competitors.
  9. We maintain a workplace friendly environment and avoid unequal treatment, discrimination or harassment in any form.
  10. We protect societal values and the environment.