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Withdrawing money from your Fidoo account

Withdrawing your Fidoo account

  1. Corporate Finance Fidoo Account Withdraw Account (top right).
  2. Enter the amount or tick the whole amount, add a reason if necessary and Confirm.

  3. Fill in the app password and SMS code and



Low balance notification settings

  1. Section Settings Company Fidoo account.
  2. In the Fidoo low balance notification window, select Change settings.
  3. Activate, enter the limit, select the sending method and Confirm.

In case you have multiple company accounts in the application, funds are sent to only one bank account of your choice, which is kept with us as the main account.

Send a request to add another bank account to

from e-mailu of a user who has in the application as a statutory representative or chief administrator or financial administrator. To the application it is necessary to prove the ownership of the account by the company, i.e. attach the bank statement header, na which will be the account number and the name of the company. At the same time, you need to define which account will be the main account. Funds will be sent to this account when the account is debited.

Information about all your accounts can be found in

Settings – Company