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Correct identity verification

What does AML proxy mean?

AML law = anti money loundering = anti money laundering law

The AML proxy is the person who is responsible for identifying card users in the application. Every 12 months they undergo online training to learn about legislation and regulatory regulations. Identification must be made for each user who becomes a personal or team card holder.

Note: An unauthenticated user will not be able to activate a new card in the app or take over a team card until they have been identified.

Documents that may be presented at identification

  • Identity card
  • Belt
  • EU ID

Visual user identification

  • Identity card authenticity check – damage, cut corner, taped over, etc.
  • Identity card validity check – check the “valid until”.
  • Photo check – check that the photo on the document matches the person who presented the document.

User identification

  1. Settings People – click on the user you want to identify.
  2. Click on Settings icon and select Make Identification.
  3. Click Make Identification in the orange bar on the right side of the screen.
  4. Fill in the required data and Save settings.

Approval of user identification

  1. Tasks section – click on Approve User Identification and Open.
  2. Check the details, tick the confirmation box and enter Confirm.

Rejecting user identification

  1. Section Tasks – click on Approve user identification and Open.
  2. Check the data and if it is not in the poline, select Reject,write the reason for rejection and click on the Reject button.

Change of identification data

  1. Settings People – select the user you want to change.
  2. Click on Settings icon and select Edit Identification.
    User identification
  3. Enter the new data and Save settings.

  • A PEP, or Politically Exposed Person, is an individual who

    is or was

    in a major public office of regional, national or even greater significance.
  • As part of the verification of the cardholder’s identity, it is the duty of the AML Act to determine whether the person is a PEP.
  • A complete list of Politically Exposed Persons can be found here: PEP
  • Yes, he can hold Fidoo cards. U PEPa we just need the more thorough verification that the AML law requires.