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Cookies for the Fidoo application

Privacy and cookies in the Fidoo web application

Introductory information

We, Direct Fidoo as, are the owner and operator of the website, the Fidoo web application (available at and the Fidoo mobile application (available in the Google Play and App Store). The company Direct Fidoo as is based on the law no. 121/2000 Sb. authorized to exercise all property rights associated with these websites and applications.
We want you to work well with our applications. Therefore, for their operation we use, among other things, the so-called cookies and third-party tools that help us do this.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are stored in your web browser. You can think of them as a memory that stores your preferences or the actions you take on the website for a certain period of time (such as entered login information or a contract in progress), so you don’t have to enter that information repeatedly. The vast majority of websites use cookies for their activities.

You can find more information about cookies at .

What cookies do we use?

We use the following three types of cookies on our website:

Basic – are necessary for the basic operation of the website.

Analytical – they help us understand how you use our website. That way we can work to improve them so you can always get what you need as quickly as possible.

Third party tools and cookies

We use third-party tools on our website, which can create and store cookies for their proper functionality. We mainly use Google Analytics and Hotjar.

How to adjust the use of cookies, their deletion and preferences?

Most web browsers store all cookies automatically. However, you can restrict or block the storage of cookies in the settings of your web browser. Please refer to the help of your web browser for more detailed information. You can delete cookies that are already stored on your computer at any time. However, blocking some cookies may affect your comfort when browsing our website and Fidoo application, or may disable some of their functions. Of course, you can change your decision about cookie settings at any time.

See how to set cookies in individual browsers:
Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
Mozilla Firefox
Microsoft Edge
Opera browser

You can also adjust the cookie settings according to the specific tools we use at

List of all cookies used on our website

Designation Tool Function Nature validity Author
GTM Google Tag manager This cookie is used by Google Tag Manager to load analytics tools into the site. The end of the key of this cookie is unique and it is also the identifier of the linked Google Analytics account. analytical 1 minute Google
GA Google Analytics This cookie is used to distinguish unique users by assigning a randomly generated number as the client identifier. It is included in every page request on the site and is used to calculate visitor, session, and campaign data for site analytics reports. analytical 2 years Google
GID Google Analytics analytical 1 day Google
LOAD_BALANCER Direct Fidoo It is used to evenly distribute the use of Direct Fidoo servers. system 15 minutes Direct Fidoo
HA_PROXY Direct Fidoo system Until the browser closes Direct Fidoo
AUTH_DATA Direct Fidoo Maintains information about the logged in user. system Until the browser closes Direct Fidoo
LANG Direct Fidoo Contains the value of the user’s current language. system Without limits Direct Fidoo
TRUSTING_USERS Direct Fidoo Maintains a list of paired profiles that this browser trusts during 2-step user authentication. system Without limits Direct Fidoo
COOKIES_ACCEPTED Direct Fidoo It contains information on whether the user was acquainted with the use of cookies. system Without limits Direct Fidoo
_hjid Hot Jar A Hotjar cookie that is set when you first visit a page that contains a Hotjar script. Used to store a user ID that is unique to the site in the browser. This ensures that the behavior on subsequent visits to the same site is assigned to the same user ID. analytical 365 days Hot Jar
_hjIncludedInSample Hot Jar This cookie stores information about whether visiting websites are included in the measurement of visitor paths. analytical Until the browser closes Hot Jar
_hjAbsoluteSessionInProgress Hot Jar This cookie stores information about whether this is the first visit to the website during the time period. analytical 30 minutes Hot Jar