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When paying by card, the expense is created automatically in the app, if you have the mobile app installed, you will receive a notification that the expense has been created and you can attach a photo of the receipt right away. 

Web app

  • My Finances – Expenses
    Expenditure in the web application

Mobile app

  • After logging into the mobile app, you will go straight to the Expenses section (bottom menu).
    Expenses in the mobile app

Frequently asked questions about card spending

A transaction means moving money from one place to another. Expenditure is the embodiment of the proper and preferably tax deductible purpose for spending money. Various evidence is used to confirm its existence, such as receipts or the approval of the supervisor and accountant. In the Fidoo application, we create an expense for each transaction, which can be supplemented with information and data that can then be transferred to accounting. Thus, an issue is created for any transaction, whether it is non-cash or cash. An issue is not made for an ATM withdrawal.