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Don't burn time with billing
and approving assignments

Save your company time and money.

Complete travel expenses in one place, clearly, error-free, automated.

Processing assignments doesn’t have to be a pain – hours spent filling out cluttered forms or excel sheets, endlessly searching for and approving all documents.

Fidoo provides a comprehensive solution for your travel orders. Digitize documents, enable easy filing, approve in a few clicks.

What will digital receipts bring you?

The Honorable
in 5 minutes

Intuitive online form that you can even copy on your next trip.

All in one place

All documents arrive in the accounting office in the same way.

Always correct calculations

Settlement is carried out in accordance with the legislation in force and updated decrees.

Faster billing

You’ll close out the month faster because you don’t have to chase colleagues.

Less personal conflict

All documents are on time and in the correct format, so there is peace of mind.

CFOs and HR appreciate the time and cost savings

Accountants love the centralisation of documents and clean data

Employees finally won't be bitching about the cession

Automate your company's receipts

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