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8 areas to automate employee expenses

In today’s fast-paced world, the manual process of managing employee expenses is difficult, time-consuming, expensive and error-prone. Are you struggling with inefficient distribution of money between the company and the employee? High volume of cash and cashiering work? By demanding the reporting of business travel, receipts and reimbursements? Or maybe with the slow settlement between the employee and the company? Introducing automation is a strategic step to make the entire employee spend lifecycle more efficient.

Download the E-book to learn how to automate employee expenses with Fidoo in the following areas:

  1. Money distribution between the company and the employee
  2. A payment tool for every employee in the company
  3. Real-time control over expenses
  4. Reducing the paperwork burden
  5. Elimination paper receipts and rewriting
  6. Automatic migration of all data into ERP systems
  7. Reducing the burden on the accounts department with chasing colleagues
  8. Accelerating the whole settlement process