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receipts and save more time and money

Clearly for all employees in the company. And stress-free.

Did you know that you already have assignments available at Fidoo? Processing them doesn’t have to be a nightmare for you.

Fidoo offers every company a comprehensive solution for travel orders. No more searching for documents, stacks of papers, annoying urgencies. Keep all your travel expenses in one place, clearly, error-free, automated and on time.

Start automating your cesspools today.

What will Fidoo's cession bring you?

Saves time, money
and nerves

Reducing administrative burden and costs.

Simplifies administration

The data is digitised in one place.

Speeds up billing

Fast entry, approval and bulk exports.

Always correct calculations

Settlement is carried out in accordance with the legislation in force and updated decrees.

Making it easier for employees

They already know Fidoo, so they’ll welcome the change.

CFOs can save additional time and costs

Accountants don't like change, but they already know Fidoo

Employees will be happier

Automate your receipts in Fidoo

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