What can be solved thanks to automation

Streamline the management of your employee expenses in the company and save a lot of time, work and nerves.

Every company solves the following process

Companies usually face these problems

Inefficient distribution of money between the company and the employee

High volume of work associated with cash and cash boxes

Laborious reporting of business travel, travel expenses reports and reimbursements

Sluggish statement of expenses between the employee and the company

We help companies solve the following areas

Automate money distribution

Send money directly to the employee as needed. You can just as easily withdraw them from employee.

Payment tool for every person in the company

Each employee can have their own prepaid company card and solve everything conveniently through a mobile app.

Real-time control over all expenses

You will know about each business payment as soon as it is paid at the terminal, withdrawn from an ATM or online payment.

Reducing the paperwork burden

Digitization will eliminate manual and paper processes that may be holding you back today. Everyone on the team will really feel this change.

Elimination paper receipts and rewriting

All receipts will automatically send to the accounting office in a fully digital manner with all the information.

Automatic migration of all data into ERP systems

All expenses, travel expenses or cash will be entered into your internal systems – accounting, ERP or payroll system.

Reducing the workload for the accounting department

Accountants will have more time for more important work than urging colleagues to deliver all receipts and billing documents.

Accelerating the whole settlement process

The collection of all settlement documents will take place continuously and not until at the end of the month. So always close everything on time.

What can be specifically solved in specific fields

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