Temporary outage of Fidoo cards

Dear customers,

we are glad to inform you that Fidoo cards are fully operational for POS or online payments and ATM withdrawals. We are still awaiting information from Wirecard Card Solutions Limited regarding money transfer to Fidoo account.

Dear customers, 

we are monitoring the activities of regulators towards the Wirecard Group and in this process we have detected a current decision of british regulator FCA (Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom) that there has been a temporary restriction of all regulated activities of Wirecard. As a result, all Fidoo cards are currently not working and it is not possible to transfer money from Fidoo account. We are intensively communicating with Wirecard about the re-starting of all services and official statements on the whole situation. 

Complete information can be found in our press release (czech language only).

Fidoo recommendation

Don´t forget to add your Fidoo card again for recurrent online payments or subscription.