Pricing that fits for each company

Nový ceník platný od 1. 1. 2023 k náhledu zde


179 CZK / user / month

Smart +

199 CZK / user / month



All prices are without VAT.

Consulting, implementation, training, custom development

Individual IT services and consulting / custom developing

according to individual offer

Training and workshops (remotely and on site) 1 training block 1-3 hours

3 000 CZK / block

Premium system support (including SLA and prepaid services)

from 17 000 CZK / month

500 CZK / month

Travel and accommodation costs will be invoiced according to actual costs, if necessary.

First consultation for Fidoo clients (approx. 60 minutes)

0 CZK / hour

The second and every other consultation

according to individual offer

Travel insurance

Advantageous year-round Direct Travel Insurance Standard

CZK 1 188 / year

Advantageous year-round Direct Travel Insurance Plus

CZK 2 388 / year

Fidoo account management

Incoming payment fee

Outgoing payment fee

Other fees

Withdrawal from an ATM in the Czech Republic (exempt from VAT)

30 CZK

Withdrawal from an ATM abroad (exempt from VAT)

30 CZK

Issuance / renewal of a plastic card (exempt from VAT)

99 CZK

PIN change (ATM only)


Unauthorized transaction claim (excluding VAT)

500 CZK

Issuance and sending of confirmation as desired

1000 CZK / pc

All prices listed in the price list are without VAT.