A card for everyone in the company

The Fidoo card is adjustable to the individual needs of each employee. Whether you are a director, driver, marketer, IT worker or receptionist. You have money at your disposal immediately and anywhere.

Replace cash boxes

Prepaid company cards replace cash

Distribute prepaid business cards to your teams and you can eliminate cash boxes. Cash flow of corporate finances can be solved remotely and digitally.

Do you still need to work with cash? This is no problem with cash expenses evidence.

Pay with different types of cards

Personal and team cards, as well as Komerční banka cards

Issue personal or team cards by yourself. You will have them on your table no later than 3-5 working days after ordering.

Do you have cards from Komerční banka in your company? Connect them and start automating expenses over them.

Cash withdrawal from cards

An overview of each selection. In any currency.

Get an absolute overview of the cash your employees have withdrawn from the cards. No matter in which currency (we support up to 160 currencies).

Each selection means an automatic entry for that card.

Evidence of cash expenses

You can easily register small cash expenses

Trust your teams and have them pay by card or cash. Get automated records of each transaction to increase your control over your business spend.

Benefits of Fidoo cards

What other benefits does the Fidoo card offer?

24/7 assistance service

The exclusive Mastercard Assistant service is available to you 24 hours a day. 365 days a year.

Payments and withdrawals from ATMs

Payments and withdrawals from ATMs in the Czech Republic and abroad and fair exchange rates.

Online medical advice

Protect your health thanks to the online medical clinic uLékaře.cz . Connect whenever you need to.

Access to airport lounges

Enjoy waiting at the airport in selected lounges in Prague, Bratislava and Vienna.

All the features of the Fidoo card are neatly arranged

Mastercard Assistant

The 24-hour Mastercard Assistant offers emergency assistance or personal or legal advice.

Payments and withdrawals from ATMs

It can take place in the Czech Republic and abroad. Fair exchange rates for foreign payments.

Online medical advice

Access to the unique uLékaře.cz service. Put your health in the hands of experts whenever you need it. Online and free.

Comfort of airport lounges

You can gain access to the airport lounges in Prague, Bratislava and Vienna with the prestigious Mastercard BusinessCard.

Personal and team cards

Issue personal or team cards by yourself. You will have them on your table no later than 5 working days after ordering them.

Push notification

You can also set up push notifications for adding receipts and card payments. It’s up to you.

Tab settings

You set up fidoo cards directly in our super app. It’s very simple and intuitive.

Lightning recharging and money transfer

You can literally top up your card and transfer money at any time. From anywhere.

Automatic connection

Thanks to our cards, you will get an automatic connection not only of payments and expenses, but also wallets and travelers.