Settlement between the employee and the company

Get the opportunity to know the balance between the company and the employee in real-time. Thanks to the continuous processing of all expenses, travel expenses and cash, you will always see the current balance for each employee.

Data exports

Transfer to accounting, ERP or payroll system

You can export all data for your accounting, ERP / payroll system.

Automatic transmissions

Real-time data in your system

Thanks to the connection API, you can always have the real-time data directly in the accounting / ERP system.

Exports for reporting

All data conveniently to XLS or XML

XLS / XML exports are available for further reporting purposes.

Real-time balance

Balance settlement with the employee

At any given moment, you know the balance between the company and the employee.

And there are a lot of extra things

Accounting systems

Transfer data automatically to Money S3, S4, S5, Pohoda and other accounting and economic software applications.

ERP systems

Data can also be integrated into ERP systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Helios.

Payroll systems

You can also integrate the data to payroll and attendance systems such as Giriton.

Data mining

Create custom reports, reports or overviews based on your data to help you make decisions about managing your company’s finances.

Customized API

Ask for specific API integration for better system-to-system connetions to your current business processes.